A review and flash back of an amazing 2012

Wow, one year gone since I last wrote 2011 Year in Review and published. I had many people request for the download so this time I will leave it open so anyone can simply click the link and just download it without any put their details in. What’s your 2012 like? Did your World End? Did you have plenty of great time? What works for you? I never thought I would do a blog post nor yearly review and post it on the internet but you know what? Because I did and put it out there in the public place. I have achieved all the goals I set out last year! Highly recommend you to take about 15-20 mins spend a quick moment, write down all the beautiful memories you created last year then print it off, file it somewhere.. next year when you look at it you will have a based idea on how you went with you. Feel free to read mine and GO ahead and download your copy at the bottom of this post!

My TOP 10 Greatest Thing that Happened in 2012:

  1. Got offered to hang out and helped my role model/mentor/coach then I was recognised and offered an international gig with them.
  2. Was coached and hang out with MANY amazing top coaches, successful entrepreneurs, business owners, multi-millionaires and new friends who have beautiful heart and so genuine in themselves.
  3. Acquired Master NLP, Hypnosis, Advanced Selling Skills, Speaker Selling Skills, understood deeper of masculine and Feminine energy and many new skills!
  4. Worked with many JVs and business partner who is amazing in the things I am not
  5. Found my spiritual and humanity side
  6. Become more vulnerable in my heart space and more congruent to my inner peace
  7. Had an amazing surprised birthday party, was shown how much loved I have around me
  8. Got clear in the direction where I want to go and move forward
  9. Able to feel my heart space, intuition/gut feeling and sexual energy and starting to guide them intuitively. Also ability to tap in to my anger if I want to.
  10. Love from many beautiful people, friends, strangers and importantly in myself.

My TOP 3 most proud and/or gratified accomplishments in 2012:

  1. I had met a great person and she saw a much bigger person inside of me, always be there for me and support when I was down. I’m grateful for her existence and character.
  2. It’s OK to ask, to feel butterfly, to have the things I want
  3. A realisation: I have what I needed in other people as we are all connected as so we all have the same thing, I just haven’t look at myself of the things I need/want

My 3 most precious lessons I’ve learned in 2012:

  1. Ask and you shall receive! (New one at the bottom)
  2. Take imperfect actions every day to create the momentum
  3. Trust my intuition and/or gut feeling

TOP 3 Personal Developments I invested in myself in 2012:

  1. NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner
  2. Advanced Selling Skills with Brian Tracey (QLD) (by Pascal Martin)
  3. Passion, Love, Enlightenment by David Deida (by Venant Wong)

If I could do 3 things differently in 2012, I would:

  1. I wouldn’t gone back out with my ex gf knowingly she’s not going to commit 100%.
  2. Learn how to Sell like crazy first
  3. I would not quit my job straight away and struggling for weeks/months

3 things I will do more of this year:

  1. Be Clearer on what I want each day
  2. Give myself a permission to feel the butterfly (and do it anyway)
  3. Be my own best friends

I need to stop doing these 3 things completely and they are:

  1. Procrastinating
  2. Stop wasting my time on games
  3. Feel the butterfly and not doing it

I didn’t achieve the goals I wanted in 2012 because of these 3 reasons:

  1. Feel the butterfly and not doing it
  2. Not clear on what I want
  3. Didn’t ask and/or take TOOOOOO LONG to ask for it

This year I am going to smash these 3 goals and they are:

  1. $500k per year – 50% investment, 10% trip to the space and entertainment, 40% expense
  2. Be on the edge of space, the experience of freedom
  3. Waking up with the view of harbour in CBD with my own office in my apartment

3 reasons (experience/feeling) WHY I want to achieve these goals:

  1. Living the life and lifestyle that I truly want to be in
  2. It is my way of experience the freedom
  3. To have the choices whenever, whatever and however I want

Smartest decision I made last year:

Decided to find and ask a coach to coach me. Decided to pursuit what I want and haven’t given up on the choices I have made over the year.

Biggest risk I took last year:

Spending A LOT of money and time on workshops/courses/events even I don’t have money to pay at that very moment.

One sentence to sums up my last year:

This year has so many incredible events from not knowing WHO I AM to discover and found myself within. I lost a few relationships with people that were really close to me but I gained myself and many more. One sentence? Legen-Wait For Tt-Dary.

One year from now, my life “is”:

Incredible as I am living in a beautiful home which has a view of a harbour/ocean with incredible spa bath inside the house. Woke up in a beautiful home next to my sexy, loving, caring partner, got up and meditate then do speaking gigs to inspire and influence people to take actions to move them forward to their truth and not stuck in day to day life and their excuses. Hang out with multi million dollars and big contributors/players in this world. Home with my affectionate loving partner and enjoy every moment. <My vision board> 09 may 2012 vision

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