I Survived Warrior Dash 2012!

Last week in Sydney outer suburb, I attended Warrior Dash. For those who don’t know here’s a description from Google

It was hell lots of fun there! Everyone spirit was high and helped each others get to the final goal!

So here’s my take out from the event:

  • Preparation – Oh yes… I thought 5k is easy but when you added hail, rain, mud, rope and other obstacles in to it.. it’s not so easy after all. In life, it is good to be prepared so you can combat whatever face you
  • Be aware and adapt – As the rain pour and the normal mud become very slippery. It’s great to have certainty of a paved road but by being aware of the surrounding you can adjust and adapt to things and reduce the damage to self and others.
  • Mentality/Mindset – HUGE here… I was puffing and my fear kicked in when I was about to jump across a couple log of fire .. “what if i slip”. Yes I did slip very next to the burning fire logs but with a “CAN DO” mindset I span and got backup without hurting myself (got a bit of cheers there from the audience)
  • Focus – as above… i was hoping not to slip or fall down near the fire …. and so I did. Whatever you focus in life, the universe will respond to you toward that. Keep your focus on the goal you want to achieve in life and put MASSIVE ACTION to it!

So here’s the result :)


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