Faster playback speed for Audiobook by using PC software; Windows Media Player

There’re 5 mediums of learning.

Some people like reading books, some people like workshops, some like it on a video … for this blog I will focus with Audio!
Now, sometime we have the speaker reading or explaining things wayyyyyyy tooo slowwwwww. I can’t stand listen to the way he or she talk that slow so I use my IT skill to find how to solve this problem and TA DA!

To help solve these problems, I remembered Windows Media Player 11′s playback speed!!!

Below are some of the shortcuts and how to Reduce your Study hours (in Audiobooks) down by 100%!
Via the keyboard
Fast playback speed: Ctrl + Shift + G
Normal playback speed: Ctrl + Shift + N
Slow playback speed: Ctrl + Shift + S

When in Skin Mode

1. Right-click Windows Media Player 11.
2. Select “Play Speed” from the pop-up menu that appears.
3. Select “Fast”, “Normal”, or “Slow”.


When in Full Mode

From here you can make further adjustments to the playback speed.

1. Click the “Now Playing” button.
2. If a menu bar is not visible, right-click the Windows Media Player 11 title bar to open a pop-up menu, or press the Alt key.
3. Select menu option “View” – “Enhancements” – “Play Speed Settings”.
4. You should now see a “Play Speed Settings” panel.

– Click “Slow”, “Normal”, or “Fast”.

– Or, move the slider to the left to slow multimedia playback, or move it to the right to speed it up.

As a reference:

“Slow” speed is 0.5
“Normal” speed is 1.0
“Fast” speed is 1.4

So here’s a little technique to cut your ‘study hours’ in half or more!! ENJOY!


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