Ask and You WILL Receive!

Is there something you really want in your life but you’re just afraid of asking for it? Let’s be honest for a second.. maybe you’re simply in fear of being rejected and don’t know what to do!

You might have heard of Ask and You Shall Receive? Well, let me tell you about a new belief that saved my life, you see in my culture and background… I was taught not to ask for other peoples help (face values, ego blah blah) So, I had to overcome what other people might see and think of me, and the results were astonishing since I decided to take it on board in 2011.

So in this video, I will :

  • Answer why do we have fear of rejection, and how to overcome it!
  • Tell you a story about how my sister overcame her fears and asked me for help with her pretty big issue.
  • How I reached out to a TOTAL stranger and saved $137!
  • How I changed my belief from “I can figure this one out” to “Ask and You Will Receive” in 2011 and how it has changed my life dramatically!

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