Answer to What is My Purpose and Finding it

I have been wanting to write this blog post for quite sometime now..

As a creator myself, I often get lost in the creation process,  and forget what was my purpose….why am i doing all these things in life that I loved before and now I am bored or sick of doing it?

So, I need a reminder somewhere and being Poy..I need to systematize it so I can always come back to it and follow the exact same process to get me where i need to be.

Some of the questions I begin asking myself are

  1. If I have 50 million dollars in my account, what is my intention for today?
  2. If I have 50 million dollars in my account, what do i want to accomplish by the end of this month?
  3. If I am on my death bed and about to die, am I happy with all the things I have done? What am I going to regret not doing (enough)  when I was alive.

There are more questions and processes.. I have created a quick PDF it.

Options below and go through my proven process that will always get me back on the purpose, energetically.


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