2013 Year in review

Great questions to ask yourself for 2013 Review

I am in a love hate relationship with goal settings.  What I personally find that works really well for myself is to be (more) grateful in life and manifest what I want, then take actions toward it.

So here again, my yearly ritual:

My TOP 10 Greatest Thing that Happened in 2013:

  1. I raised $1560 to a charity organisation “Pencils of Promise
  2. Stuck to my own promise during 10 days Silent Meditation at Vipassana Centre
  3. Stopped drinking alcohol for 4 months, including 2013 NYE and still have ‘fun’
  4. Spoke at Universal Stars (Former Universal Events) stage
  5. Generated 5 figures income through my own business
  6. Got to be on the same playing field as my mentors and people I looked up to
  7. Be “me” and totally “OK” with that
  8. Living My Perfect Lifestyle, not having to work for anyone, can get up at 10am,  have my “own” hours, and start my day from there.
  9. Discovered and meditated, and in-my-zone spots in my area overlooking an ocean in the bush area.
  10. Had great and deep connections and conversations with the people that I care for and that genuinely care about me.

My TOP 3 most proud and/or gratifying accomplishments in 2013:

  1. Traveled with my mentor, Jeffrey Slayter to a stadium of 2000 people and got to go behind the stage.  What I was most grateful for, was having the opportunity to observe and see how he and another mentor, Steve Napolitian, work, negotiate, and operate to have their 7-8 figures income!
  2. I was able to accomplish a fundraising event, and have people backing me up.. I never imagined I could make an impact while being a leader while making the fundraiser successful at the same time
  3. To accept my dad and mum as it is.. yes, it sounds weird but this will be on a different blog post.  In a nutshell, they have worked hard and continue to work hard, and I didn’t recognize it enough to understand that yes that is the way they show their love.

My 3 most precious lessons I’ve learned in 2013:

  1. Keep going even when things are going well or when i’m in a comfy zone. If shit hit the fans, fix it!
  2. Face my fears.. whatever that fear is..being authentic and honest to self and to others.
  3. Love everyone and see how beautiful they really are.

TOP 3 Personal Developments I invested in myself in 2013:

  1. Family constellation – I got to see how my family really pans out unconsciously by other representative, and being able to let go of those that I don’t need to hold on to.
  2. 10 days Silent Meditation – My biggest learning here was that I kept my promise to myself when I literally signed up on the first day to be there for 10 days regardless.
  3. Initiative with Jeffrey Slayter – What would life be like when you connect to your heart, living in your passion and making great income from it? – yes this woo-woo course has it all in here.  It helped me step up and be totally OK to play at a higher level.

If I could do 3 things differently in 2013, I would:

  1. Make a calculated risk decision instead of bouncing the ideas back and forth and be in a limbo.
  2. Act on my intuition faster.
  3. Find talented people and have them work for me.

3 things I will do more of this year:

  1. Act on my intuition more, feel that butterfly, and do it.
  2. Really, be my own best friend.
  3. Choose the intention I want for each of every day, exactly how I want it to be.

I need to stop doing these 3 things completely and they are:

  1. Stop eating foods that are not helping me.
  2. (I am going to admit it in public here.. ) Stop being envious of people who are doing better than myself.
  3. Spending money on the things that do not  give me a Return On Investment (ROI)

I didn’t achieve the goals I wanted in 2012 because of these 3 reasons:

  1. I didn’t let go of my ‘decision making’ power
  2. I had no clear definition of ‘who i am’.
  3. I didn’t face the fears right away!

This year I am going to smash these 3 goals and they are:

  1. 6 figures income
  2. Allowing the miracles to appear
  3. Waking up with the view of the Harbour in CBD with my own office in my apartment.

3 reasons (experience/feeling) WHY I want to achieve these goals:

  1. To expand my ideal lifestyle even more.
  2. To feel liberated from the needs of wanting the outcome.
  3. To recharge, feel refreshed and be proud of myself

Smartest decision I made last year:

I decided to master “Ask and You will Receive” 🙂

Biggest risk I took last year:

Going into the partnership without a coach to direct ‘both of us’ at the same time.

One sentence that sums up my last year:

A grateful year with lots of beautiful souls, great adventures, getting out of my comfortable zone, being vulnerable and embracing myself.

On the 31st December 2014, a year from now, my life “is”:

My life will be surrounded with love, leaders, fun, authentic and an up-lifting people & environment. Finances are no longer a stressful situation and I have already contributed to the world much more than last year.


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