A Reflection & 3 Things I learned from How I Met Your Mother – Season 9

You may or may not know this but I’ve been a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother for the last legen-wait for it-dary years!

There is only one last episode left which is next week as Robin Scherbatsky took “The End of the Aisle” and the story came to an end. One thing that got me and many #HIMYM fans out there is that it took all 22 episodes to tell the story of what happened in just 2 days in HIMYM.

Many people complained about it but here is my take from this… how often have we took the time and remembered all the little things that happened to us? ups and downs, happiness and sadness and  those little details in between.. Do we just let those moments pass by and not do anything about it? Or were we able to cherish every single second and make the most out of it by sharing with our love ones or creating moments together with whoever is in front of us (or just by ourselves).

So here are top 3 things I learned from How I Met Your Mother – Season 9

  1. “Love doesn’t make sense and that doesn’t have to make sense to make sense.”

    Love is abstract and it is something that we feel. You don’t have to justify or prove anything. What’s more important is what you feel and how you feel toward someone just like when Ted ran off with his ex-girlfriend on the day of her wedding or say Robbins and Barney’s relationship.

  2. Honesty is the best policy

    Cliché but this is something to live with. You can see that through-out the season whether it’s the communication between Mother and other characters, Ted being Ted, Marshall accepted lawyer without telling Lily or Barney came out clean at the very end, being honest is not an option but should be one’s rule. When our hearts open-up and speak without the mind involved and just being true to one’s self, it just creates a magical connection.

  3. Go Big for someone that you care about

    First of all it takes great writers and mastermind to create How I met your mother! From the story itself on how Barney pulled off the Rehearsal Dinner at the ice rink to when Ted went all the way to get the locket for Robbins. … and of course the appearance of Ring-Bear 🙂

    It made me think to appreciate people and little things around me even more. Take my time, observe and be aware of what life is about.

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