How to manage small team and be a great leadership


After my website is up I have been asked by one of my outsources graphic designers .. “how to manage team and have a great leadership?!”

I gave him a very quick 3 simple mindsets he must have when managing a team



  1. Letting go of the urge of getting it done yourself
    • We all have that urge to get the job done ourselves and most likely you probably think I can do better than that!
    • You really have to drop that mindset as it will slow your project down and you will not be able to see … (the next point)
  2. ALWAYS think of a big picture!
    • You have to always think of the final result .. what do you want to achieve by having a team of people helping you paint this BIG picture and yes your team need you so when you’re tight up with small job..  other priority will be suspended or slow down and you don’t want that!
  3. Get your team to contribute to the big picture .. and make sure you celebrate/acknowledge them along the way!
    • That’s right you’re the guy who can see the big picture and you’re letting your team help you create that!
    • Why don’t you honestly thanks them and acknowledge their progress along the way
Here it is .. my first ever blog post online, I hope this will help someone out there =)


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