Giving Back


We are here to make a difference

That is why we are consciously making sure when you are a part of our business model, you are already a change maker!

Each of our profit training experience is tied to a non-profit community.  When you invest in your success through our training programs, you are not only helping yourself, but you are also helping support education for young kids in developing nations, under-served entrepreneurs, and much more.

Here are our current partners:



Our One on One Coaching is partnered with Virgin United which will help us to create even more entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.  We believe in empowering people to come up with better technology, better environment strategies, and better health across the border.




Reducing the poverty around the world is one of our missions. We tie our Facebook Consulting fee and Do For You package to help make life-changing opportunities for other entrepreneurs to create an opportunity for themselves.  Kiva is a freaking Genius organization!  Becoming a field partner and providing a loan for as little as $25, you can help someone start a business in their country!




Pencils of Promise, (PoP) for short, is a non-profit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world.
Poy knows on a more personal level as he was born and raised in Thailand back in the 80’s.  Fortunately, his life wasn’t as difficult as some of the kids you see, but he has been through his fair shared of similar experiences back in the day.  We strongly want to raise the level of the education in the developing nations OR even just give them the opportunity for an education! Our workshops and products will go toward Pop! One child, one pencil at a time.