Thank You – Facebook Ads Management – 1st Step

Hi There!! We really appreciate you for being our client and we look forward to developing a great relationship with you. Now that we are working together…

Below is a check list and step-by-step guide to start getting traffic and
people registered for your services & products!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Review and sign the contract
This is the formal agreement emailed to you along with the invoice. Please review and let us know if you need to adjust anything on there.

Poy TB Front Page

If you’re good to go then sign and submit it online. Nice and easy!

Poy TB Sign page

Step 2: Send payment to us / pay invoice
You should already received a invoice from us prior to this email.
We accept direct deposit or paypal (+3% fee – let us know and we will resend you the invoice), let us know when you send the payment so we can start working on your project right away!

Step 3: Answer our “Identify Your Target Market” questionnaire
Click on the link here and fill out your best answer (20-30 mins). The more accurate and detailed answers you give us, the better outcome we will achieve together!

Step 4: Send us images and videos to use for your ads
Images can include:

  • photos of yourself,
  • events you hosted,
  • credibility piece,
  • related celebrities,
  • someone your audience would know &
  • videos (links) with you/your brand in it.
  • optional – your own ads copy(writing)

Step 5: Grant us “Editor” access to your Facebook Page (watch the instructional video here)
Watch this simple video and add “[email protected] & [email protected] in the field and enter the password.

Step 6: Grant us “Ad Account Advertiser” permission to your Facebook Ads account (watch the instructional video here)

  1. Add “[email protected]” as Ad Account Advertiser
  2. Add “[email protected]” as Ad Account Advertiser
  • optional – Provide us with the login and password to your Autoresponder (mailchimp, awber, getresponse etc) so that we can validate that your system is setup correctly **only applies where you are collecting emails for every opt-in

Step 7: Install Facebook tracking code on your “thank you” page

This is required so that we can track conversions coming from Facebook ads. 

Note: We can only provide the tracking code once you have authorised us to your Facebook ads account area (step 6 above)

Step 8: (OPTIONAL) Send any future marketing plans for the next 6 months (spreadsheet)
So we can plan, remind you and make sure your campaign will run smoothly.



And most important!!!!!

If you have any questions, please email to [email protected]
This way if I can’t answer it directly, my team can jump in and give you the solution right away.

Have many abundant weeks ahead!

Poy TB & The Teams