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I Survived Warrior Dash 2012!

Last week in Sydney outer suburb, I attended Warrior Dash. For those who don’t know here’s a description from Google It was hell lots of fun there! Everyone spirit was high and helped each others get to the final goal! So here’s my take out from the event: Preparation – Oh yes… I thought 5k is…

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Faster playback speed for Audiobook by using PC software; Windows Media Player

There’re 5 mediums of learning. Some people like reading books, some people like workshops, some like it on a video … for this blog I will focus with Audio! Now, sometime we have the speaker reading or explaining things wayyyyyyy tooo slowwwwww. I can’t stand listen to the way he or she talk that slow…

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Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

I came across this article and had an ah-ha moment! Most of my clients are after these top 5 things right now! It such a privilege for me to be able to continually coaching each person to become a better person of themselves and enjoy the ‘now’ moment & achieve what they really want in life. So here are…

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2011 Review, Bring on 2012!

In the last 8 years or so I always wanted to write a yearly review and I got caught up with stories and excuses. The next thing I know, the time passed and another year gone by without any gratitude log I can look back and show to my future kids and myself. This year…

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How to manage small team and be a great leadership

  After my website is up I have been asked by one of my outsources graphic designers .. “how to manage team and have a great leadership?!” I gave him a very quick 3 simple mindsets he must have when managing a team     Letting go of the urge of getting it done yourself…

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