Critical Security Update: WordPress 4.2.1 – Security Release Fixes Zero Day XSS Vulnerability

Merely 3 days after the release of WordPress 4.2, a security researcher discovered a Zero day XSS Vulnerability that influences WordPress 4.2, 4.1.2, 4.1.1, 4.1.3, and 3.9.3. This permits an attacker to infuse JavaScript into comments and compromise your site. WordPress team responded fast and fixed the security issue in WordPress 4.2.1, and we strongly…

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Outsourcing Toolbox

If you’re running your own business or even working for someone else, this post will help you immensely! One of the most common bullshit I hear all the time is “I don’t have time”… Solution to that? GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE to do it! Especially the things that you hate/dislike/do-not-like doing! When we do…

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A Reflection & 3 Things I learned from How I Met Your Mother – Season 9

You may or may not know this but I’ve been a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother for the last legen-wait for it-dary years! There is only one last episode left which is next week as Robin Scherbatsky took “The End of the Aisle” and the story came to an end. One thing…

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Ask and You Will Recieve!

Ask and You WILL Receive!

Is there something you really want in your life but you’re just afraid of asking for it? Let’s be honest for a second.. maybe you’re simply in fear of being rejected and don’t know what to do! You might have heard of Ask and You Shall Receive? Well, let me tell you about a new…

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2014 in just three words, That’s it!

There are bloody 365 days in a year! Yes, many of you already know that! Hence that is why things aren’t working out for you most of the time because we have way too many goals. A few days ago, I hung out with one of the my coaching friends and she said, .. “Why…

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Answer to What is My Purpose and Finding it

I have been wanting to write this blog post for quite sometime now.. As a creator myself, I often get lost in the creation process,  and forget what was my purpose….why am i doing all these things in life that I loved before and now I am bored or sick of doing it? So, I…

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2013 Year in review

Great questions to ask yourself for 2013 Review

I am in a love hate relationship with goal settings.  What I personally find that works really well for myself is to be (more) grateful in life and manifest what I want, then take actions toward it. So here again, my yearly ritual: My TOP 10 Greatest Thing that Happened in 2013: I raised $1560…

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Top 7 Online Productivity Tools For 2013

It has been nearly a year since I last wrote a blog post. I am very active in using my Facebook, so feel free to like my page using the link on the right hand side or connect with me on a personal level here. Last week I posted an image on my Facebook wall…

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A review and flash back of an amazing 2012

Wow, one year gone since I last wrote 2011 Year in Review and published. I had many people request for the download so this time I will leave it open so anyone can simply click the link and just download it without any put their details in. What’s your 2012 like? Did your World End?…

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I Survived Warrior Dash 2012!

Last week in Sydney outer suburb, I attended Warrior Dash. For those who don’t know here’s a description from Google It was hell lots of fun there! Everyone spirit was high and helped each others get to the final goal! So here’s my take out from the event: Preparation – Oh yes… I thought 5k is…

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